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About DiME

Founded in 2001, Disposable Medical Equipment Ltd (Trading as DiME) is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler serving the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in the UK and throughout the world.

Our Company

We are a close-knit, enthusiastic team of pharmacists, procurement and sales staff with specific skills in diverse product markets.

We have developed strong relationships with many pharmaceutical suppliers and are experienced with procuring hard to source products including hospital lines.

We pride ourselves in supplying quality, innovative pharmaceutical and healthcare products, quickly and efficiently, at competitive prices.

Our facilities are fully MHRA licenced with a Home Office control drug licence and a cold room for temperature-sensitive products.

Our Activities

Our main business activities include:

  • The distribution of branded and generic pharmaceuticals, prescription and non-prescription, over the counter medicines and hospital lines
  • Supplier of hospital medical consumables
  • Kit assembly for big pharmaceutical companies
  • Specialists and market leaders in the diabetic field, with our own range of blood glucose monitoring systems and accessories (GlucoRx Ltd. products)
  • A chain of retail pharmacies across the South East of England.


  • Loyalty to our customers and suppliers

  • To provide a unique, committed and enthusiastic service

  • To offer competitive prices, maintaining a fair market


  • To make products widely available and affordable

  • To continue to develop our international relationships

  • To bring new pharma products to the market

Our Success

Our success has enabled us to actively acquire other specific healthcare companies to fit into our Group portfolio of companies. DiME also has a strong research and development division which, working proactively with its partners, is able to identify emerging technologies and bring new pharma products to the market.